Deportation & Removal

Deportation and Removal Defense

Our Lawyers have successfully halted deportation and preserve permanency through waivers before Immigration Court for immigrants in removal proceedings; successfully obtained bond and release before Immigration Court for undocumented immigrant citizens, notwithstanding alleged adjudication for domestic violence and other criminal records.
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Custody, Bond, Deportation and Removal

Few matters can be as serious as facing criminal charges. If convicted of a criminal offense, you stand to lose much: your freedom, your money, your future.
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Removal & Convention Against Torture Act

Our lawyers at At our NYC law firm understand the emotional and legal challenges our clients face. We work diligently to make sure that they receive the best possible result in court, as well as practical support necessary to get through this often difficult time.
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Waivers for Inadmissibility and Deportation

When people have spent a long time in the United States, their home countries may seem like only distant memories. The life they have here can seem like all they know, and the prospect to leaving the United States can be terrifying.
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