Client Reviews

Client Confidence

Mrs. Schell is a highly motivated lawyer who cares about her clients and makes her clients feel comfortable. I felt since the beginning of my case that I could trust her.

Professional,caring and knowledgeable

On a Sunday! I placed a call to Norka office and got her answering service. I leave a detailed message with a contact number and within minutes she replied. I was extremely stressed, could not rest was not sleeping, was not performing at work and when I spoke to Norka she lifted a load of Burden off of my shoulders. She reassured me of her knowledge of the laws with regard to my immigration issue. During my consultation Norka demonstrated care and as a client that was very important to me.Well let’s say I leave her office with a renewed sense of confidence and Trust, she explained how we will work together as a team and I sincerely appreciate her pointing that out.

Thanks for being on my Team.

- (5 star review)

She got me out the immigration detention and gave me another life.

“She is efficient and effective in everything she does with the immigration because she knows how delicate  is with the USCIS. She got me out of the immigration facility and gave me another life in my adopted country the United state. That is hard work for me.”

- (5 star review)

She is the best immigration lawyer .

- (5 star review)

A Note of Thanks From All of Us

Dear Norka,

Today there are more smiles in the world and happy hearts, too… all because of you!

May you continue to have the passion and motivation to help those who truly need a 2nd chance. Thanks for believing in me and my family and Good Bless you!

Hope you know your thoughtfulness and hard work will always be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, genuinely,

- (5 star review)

O meu green card chegou!

O meu green card chegou na última quinta feira,  agradeço você, Dra. Schell por tudo que fez e  graças  DEUS  deu tudo certo.


- (5 star review)

Released from detention

” The family members paid his bond and brought him home. Thank you for all the work you did.”


- (5 star review)

To my friends at the Law Offices of Norka M. Schell, LLC

Thank you for your excellent professional. Your actions provided me a new life when you got me at the jail and helped me get my green card.

There is no way I can ever thank you enough for helping me to return to my family. We are eternally grateful for the stellar service provided by Attorney Norka Schell,  her team and everyone at the Law Offices of Norka M. Schell, LLC.

Wilfredo Tinto.

- (5 star review)

Thank you…

Thank you, attorney Norka Schell, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the way you did it.

Thank you.

Carlos and Denise De Paz

Excellent Lawyer

Norka is a great lawyer, and she’s doing an excellent job for me and my family. I commend her work. can trust she is very committed and punctual in everything she does. and does his job with much love and dedication!

- (5 star review)

Immigration Law

Norka Schell, has been and continues to be very understanding to our situation. She has worked very hard and continues to do so in our best interest. She knows what she’s doing and is very confident, forthright and honest when it comes to immigration law. She believes in her ability to do what she does best and this gives us a peace of mind knowing that we have someone like her seeking every way to get us the results that both parties are expecting. We would highly recommend hr to anyone who is in need of legal assistance.

- (5 star review)

Military Assistance Program
Dear Norka,
​Thank you so much for helping the Military Assistance Program! Our services members and their families rest easier knowing they they have you expert legal guidance and support. We appreciate all that you do!
Kind regards
Eric Lynun, AILA Military Assistance Program (MAP)

- (5 star review)

concerns and skills

​Thank you very much, Ms. Schell for your concerns and skills in winning my case.

- (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

We’ve been working with Norka M. Schell for the last 2 years, and we are very satisfied with her, we recommend !

- (5 star review)

legal advice for immigration

​I highly recommend Mrs. Schell to anyone seeking legal advice for immigration. Thank Ms. Schell for a job well done in your defense in my case.

- (5 star review)


Ela é realmente excelente, seu trabalho nos deixa confiantes.

- (5 star review)

Gracias Ms. Schell , por su excelente y rápido trabajo. La mejor decisión fue dejar todo en sus manos. A alguien, quien uno puede sentirse seguro y libre en el momento.
A usted, gracias.

- (5 star review)

Great and Fast
Thank you !! Ms. Schell:
I’m more than happy ,your Great and Fast job . It took less time that I thought! .. it was the perfect decision to leave everything in your hands,to someone who really knows what is doing, and someone who you can feel secure and free talking to you, Thanks .

- (5 star review)

excellent immigration attorney

I am pleased to recommend Norka Schell as an excellent immigration attorney. Norka holds licenses to practice in her native Brazil and in New York, and with federal immigration authorities. She is bright and knowledgeable on all immigration issues, and her fluency in both English and Portuguese gives her a wonderful ability to connect to large segments of the area’s immigrant population. Norka is a tremendous, complementary asset on any legal matter involving, in whole or in part, an immigration law component.

- (5 star review)

fair and honest mindset
It is with great pleasure that I present this law firm with my recommendation.
I believe the work of this law firm to be conducted with a fair and honest mind set. This firm stays focused on what the client is trying to achieve, not taking detours to prolong the process or going astray on some tangent so that they might line their pockets. This team is made up of intelligent, confident, people who stand firm, yet remain decent and good. Clean if you will, because they do not play dirty.
In short, Norka M. Schell: Attorney at Law will give you strong, powerful representation. And it will be done respectfully, honestly, and fairly; with honor, decency, and integrity.

- (5 star review)