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Returning To The United States Following Removal


Hundreds of thousands of people are deported from the United States every year. Most are unable to return to the United States on an immigrant visa, due to a variety of factors. Some lack a way to obtain a new immigrant visa, and others face grounds of inadmissibility for which they are unable to obtain a waiver.

In some cases, however, a non-immigrant visa may provide a way for a person to return to the United States following removal. If the applicant is able to meet the general requirements for such a visa, a waiver of inadmissibility may be sought under  the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Non-immigrant waiver are available for a broad range of inadmissibility grounds. Under certain circumstances, even an applicant with a “lifetime bar” (for example, a former lawful permanent resident deported due to an aggravated felony conviction) may obtain such a waiver.

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