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Contact An Experienced NY Immigration Lawyer Today. During the immigration process, the importance of understanding your status in the United States cannot be understated. Meeting deadlines, updating applications and maintaining a viable legal position to remain in the country at all times are keys to gaining permanent status. Those without legal representation can end up under frightening ICE scrutiny.

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The U.S. immigration process can be complicated, unforgiving and a single misstep can place your status in jeopardy. The bureaucrats that oversee the processing of green cards and visas have enormous power to reject the applications of good people and potentially bar your immigration application permanently.

That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced New York immigration attorney. At the Law Offices of Norka M. Schell, a team of legal professionals will fight to protect your immigration rights and status.

Don’t Get Tripped Up By Immigration Paperwork

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Many people consider the immigration hurdles in place to be a broken system. The backlog of applicants has resulted from complicated levels of legislation. The most unfortunate part about the current immigration process is that good-hearted everyday people are often unsure about the best way to apply and how to negotiate the system to a successful conclusion. Without legal guidance, innocent mistakes on the lengthy forms can result in your application getting denied. It’s in your best interest to have an attorney walk you through the paperwork.

Speed Up Your Immigration Status

Compounding the confusing paperwork and government bureaucracy is the fact that applicants are often left in limbo. It is not uncommon for a lawful application to take up to 10 years to go through the system when people try to do it themselves. This can put you in a difficult position because basic economic survival requires conducting yourself like a full-fledged citizen. Finding employment, housing and travel may conflict with certain visas.

Even well-intentioned and practical violations can result in your deportation. The point that such deportations are fundamentally unfair are likely to fall on deaf ears unless you have a zealous legal advocate in your corner. Without an aggressive lawyer to push your application through the system, you could be one mistake away from deportation.


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