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Divorce can be a stressful and uncertain process to go through. The picture that you had about a stable future can get turned upside down and your economic status thrust into jeopardy. The assets that you earned during the marriage may now be subject to division. Considering how hard you worked to create a financial portfolio, it would be unfair to have it snatched away.

That’s why it’s imperative that you work with an experienced New York divorce attorney that will protect your assets. At the Law Offices of Norka M. Schell, our legal team will fight to protect the assets that you earned.

Taking Assets off The Table

Attorney Norka Schell

Emotions tend to run high in many divorces. But when money is on the line, things often get heated. The final divorce decree will outline exactly who gets what and a strong case will need to be made that you are entitled to certain assets. After all, you earned them.

One of the first orders of business will be drawing a clear line for the courts between marital and non-marital assets. Property that you owned before the marriage may be taken off the table. Any inheritance left to you alone or personal gifts may qualify. Also, personal injury awards and others may rise to non-marital status. Making a detailed, legal claim that your spouse is not entitled to a share will be imperative. As had-nosed divorce attorneys, we will make sure what’s yours remains yours.

Protect Your Business

Business owners can be placed in a compromising situation during divorce. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement about holdings, many opposing spouses will try to walk away with your business. Our tenacious legal team will fight protect your business from your ex’s greed. That business has your sweat equity in it and you deserve the fruits of your labor.

We Negotiate From a Position Of Strength

In terms of arriving at a financial settlement with your former spouse, shoring up assets allows your legal team to negotiate aggressively and from a position of strength. The more assets that are off the table legally, the greater the wealth you will enjoy to start a new, prosperous life. It all begins with sound, strategic legal advice.


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