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Our Asylum Immigration Lawyers at New York Law Offices of Norka M. Schell, LLC provide our refugee and asylee clients a leading-edge legal representation before the Executive Office of Immigration Court, Board of Immigration Appeals and USCIS Asylum Offices. 

What You Should Know​ Asylum
Asylum is a defense against removal from the United States. It allows a qualified refugee to remain in the U.S., because the refugee suffered past persecution in his or her home country or because the refugee has a well founded fear of future persecution in the home country. Asylum is universal, and a refugee cannot be removed to any country while in valid asylee status.

What Benefits Can An Refugee Expect if He or She is Granted Asylum Status?
If the refugee is granted an asylee status, he or she will receive the following benefits:

*  Receives the Form I-94 Arrival - Departure Document documenting that he or she is able to remain indefinitely in the U.S. in valid asylee     status.
*  Be authorized to work in the United States for the period he or she remains in valid asylee status.
*  May obtain a photo-identity document from the USCIS evidencing his or her employment authorization by applying for an Employment     Authorization Document,
*  Be able to request derivative asylum status for his or her spouse and children (unmarried and under 21 years of age). 

Asylee Can Apply for a Green Card
Asylee may apply for the green card after she has been physically present in the U.S. for a period of one (01) year counting from the date she was granted the the asylum status. 

Follow-to-Join Refugees and Asylees

A person who has been granted asylum or refugee status in the United States (the petitioner) may petition to have his or her spouse and/or unmarried child(children), called beneficiaries, follow-to-join him or her in the United States.

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